Arjun Kapoor breaks silence on Malaika’s pregnancy rumours, here’s what he has to say – Read

Bollywood has been witnessing a lot of couples in the past few years. Either are coupled are getting married or making their relationship public confidently and one such couple from B-town, which constantly finds its way to the headlines, is Malaika Arora and her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor.

The couple once again had captured the attention of netizens as the rumoured report about Malaika being pregnant with Arjun’s child is spreading across like a fire. A similar rumour went viral in November last year as well when Arjun Kapoor slammed the media for the distribution of such lies.


This time too Arjun Kapoor came forward to break his silence on the again emerging rumour. During an interview with Arjun said, “Negativity is easier to do. I think it gets people to pay attention because that’s been building for a while. Listen, we are actors, our personal life is not always very private. There is a certain amount that exists and you have to be okay with it already joining the profession.” he continued, “There might be that element that remains but I think we rely on you all to reach the audience. We need you all to be at least cognizant of the fact that we are human beings. So, check with us once in a while if you’re going to write something that is very very important. At least do that much and I think that was all that I did. It was more about that it should be checked; it should not be assumed. You should not put something that can be life-altering out there.”

The couple made their relationship public back in 2019 via their respective Instagram accounts amid the 12-year age gap between them. Malaika Arora was married to Arbaaz Khan before the official split up between them in 2017.