Arbaaz Khan recalls dropping Mahesh Bhatt home drunk along with Salman Khan

Recently Director Mahesh Bhatt appeared in ‘The Invincibles Series with Arbaaz Khan”. The actor spoke about a funny past incident that took place between Salman Khan, Mahesh Bhatt, and him. Arbaaz recalled the incident of dropping drunk Mahesh Bhatt at home with his brother Salman Khan, he said that Bhatt was so drunk at his house with his father Salim Khan that his father told Salman and him to drop the director home in a cab, however, Mahesh Bhatt was so drunk that he forgot where he lived. Saying this, Arbaaz burst out laughing and remembered him and Salman being embarrassed.

Arbaaz added by saying that Mahesh Bhatt has completely changed and quit alcohol now. To which Mahesh Bhatt also confessed that he had become an alcoholic, he also recalled waking up and finding himself sleeping on the footpath of the JVPD scheme. He remembered his face was on the concrete and dawn was just breaking. He realised that he had gone for some party and he had fallen down on the road and slept there, he also recalled walking up to his house when he was living with Soni.


He then added that it was his daughter Shaheen who helped him in changing as Shaheen was small and couldn’t bear the smell of alcohol. He recalled the day when he his daughter was born and he went to hospital to see his daughter and when the medical staff gave him the baby to hold, he felt that Shaheen had moved her face away. He said that at that moment he decided to refrain from consuming alcohol ever again and till date he has not touched a drop of alcohol.

Arbaaz khan shared a clip from the show on his Instagram handle, he wrote, “from a troubled childhood to becoming a renowned filmmaker, watch me in conversation with Bhatt Sahab on The Invincibles Series with Arbaaz Khan.”

After watching the clip many celebrities and netizens praised Mahesh Bhatt for sticking to his vow and appreciated for the remarkable change he went through after embracing parenthood.