AR Rahman Explains Why He Left The Stage After The Anchor Spoke In Hindi

AR Rehman reveals the reason for his viral video of him walking off the stage at 99 Songs Events after the anchor said something in Hindi in a recent interview.


A video of Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman walking off the stage at an event last month went viral after the anchor spoke in Hindi. The legendary guitarist was in attendance to promote his album 99 Songs, for which he is a co-writer and producer. AR Rahman clarified his decision to leave the stage in a recent interview.

AR Rahman said in the interview that it was a joke and that it was not supposed to be taken seriously. The anchor asked Ehan Bhat, the lead star of 99 Hindi albums, a question in the video. The audience erupted in applause when AR Rahman exclaimed, “Hindi!” and walked off stage. Rahman explained his behaviour to Bollywood Hungama, saying that they were releasing 99 Songs in three languages, and that although the Hindi version had already been released, they were concentrating on the Tamil release at the time. He clarified that because they were speaking to a Tamil audience who were already discussing Ehan Bhat’s fair skin, they had to observe those procedures on stage for the Tamil launch. For this reason, he asked the anchor to follow the protocol and speak in Tamil.

He went on to say that he believes the anchor was trying to be nice to Ehan because he knows Hindi better and asked the question in Hindi. It was a joke when he walked off stage because the set wanted other people to do the same. People, on the other hand, just saw the first part of the video and assumed he left the stage because he was furious and disappointed. AR Rahman joked that Ehan’s and his face were circulating on social media, so the viral video had saved them a lot of money on marketing. After stepping off stage and teasingly asking the anchor in Tamil , “Didn’t I ask you to speak in Tamil?” to which the anchor replied by saying, “it’s always a pleasure to be trolled by the master.”, audiences saw him laughing in the full frame.

On April 16, AR Rahman’s 99 Songs, starring Ehan Bhat, Edilsy, Lisa Ray, and Manisha Koirala, will be released in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. 99 Songs is presented by Jio Studios and co-produced by AR Rahman’s production company YM Movies and Ideal Entertainment.