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Ananya Panday opens up about being trolled

Ananya Panday shares her side of the story on being trolled and bullied online.

Ananya Panday being Chunky Panday’s daughter, had her share of struggles. During her initial years of building self confidence, Ananya revealed of being trolled and bullied. 

She shares that people would say she looked like a flat screen and some would say she looked like a boy.


She added, ”At that time it did hurt because those are the years when ur forming your self-confidence …when you feel like someone else is pulling you down you start doubting yourself.”

Actor Ananya Panday was recently at the centre of controversies and heavy trolling when she compared success with appearing on chat show Koffee with Karan and talked about her own struggles. Her father, actor Chunky Panday has now said he just wants to ask her to stop taking his name.

In an interview, Chunky said, “The two times she really got trolled was when she called me Tony Stark and the second was this episode. I want to tell her to stop taking my name.”