Ahan Shetty: I walked out of Main Hoon Na; read inside

Ahan Shetty who is high on his debut movie ‘Tadap’ says ‘I walked out of Main Hoon Na as I didn’t like my father’s villainous role’ which is exclusive.

Ahan Shetty, son of Suniel Shetty is riding high. He is climbing the success of his debut movie, ‘Tadap’. Recently, in an interview, he spoke about his Bollywood debut, relationship with Tania Shroff. He also threw light on Salman Khan kissing his poster.

The interview went some like this:

How was your experience of working with Tara Sutaria?
It was a fantastic experience. She has already done two movies before. She has been in the industry for so long, I think she’s been working since she was a teenager. So obviously to be able to work with someone who has that kind of experience made it a lot easier for me. She wasn’t egoistic and she made it very easy for me. Even working with Milan (Luthria) sir was great. He made everything so simple, made me feel really comfortable. Everyone around the set made me feel very comfortable. I’m very glad that I was able to work with them.

It was your debut film, but it didn’t feel like one. It appeared like you have done a lot of films already and this is something that you’re doing just as a token of appreciation and because of your equation with Milan. How did you ensure such perfection in your role?

I don’t think it was anything that I needed to be perfect for the role. Obviously, we did do a lot of workshops. We went for bike training. Also, I had to physically transform myself. He wanted me to be a lot bigger. I don’t think I was perfect. There’s a lot to look back now and I’m like, ‘Ah! I could have fixed these mistakes.’ But I just tried to give my 100% and if it looks perfect, I’m glad it does. The love and appreciation that I got for my first film, I didn’t expect that at all. So I’m very grateful and thankful to everyone who watched the film.

You also said that it puts a lot of pressure on you when people compare you with Suniel Shetty. But do you somewhere feel that your journey is quite different as compared to his journey? Did you take his support in any way while making the debut?

As a father, he gave me all the support I needed. Also, the amount of goodwill and respect that he has in the Industry, that’s trickling down on me because of my father. But I feel like both of us have our own journeys. I think back then, actors used to film 5-6 movies at a time. Now for me, I got to focus on one film and I gave my 100% to that one film.

You recently also said that you don’t want to be typecast as an action hero…

Yeah, I focused a lot on performance for ‘Tadap’ as well. If you go to see, ‘Tadap’ is not actually an action film. We had action, we had drama, comedy as well. I want to do different kinds of roles.

Your chemistry with Tara has been appreciated so much that a fan actually asked us yesterday, ‘When are you going to work with her again?’

I’d love to work with her again. She’s a fantastic performer and we got along really well as well. So as of now, there’s nothing in the pipeline but I’m sure that down the line, we will work again together.

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