Abhishek Banerjee pledges to donate towards COVID- 19 relief on his birthday

Abhishek Banerjee, who turned a year more seasoned nowadays, has chosen to do his bit and contribute towards COVID alleviation. In the event of his birthday, the 36-year-old on-screen character promised to give to a non-profit equip which has been working on healthcare and COVID-relief. “When you see individuals suffering around you whether known or obscure you kind of feel powerless that you simply are not able to do anything for them. Who will take the obligation? What can the common man do in a circumstance like this? Instead of feeling defenseless on our possess it’s time to come forward and help each other, offer assistance to the ones in need,” shared the actor.

With the assistance of a school companion, Abhishek figured a channel to give and do his bit for COVID alleviation. He said, “As we all know that the complete nation is going through the oxygen emergency, I chosen to discover ways to assist the wellbeing care framework and patients with its accessibility. This activity was brought to my take note by my best companion from school Vaibhav Tandon.


Vaibhav, with the assistance of his companions and family as of now raised 40lakhs. I chose to pitch in and offer the assistance they open up it as the more the number of individuals it reaches, the more lives can be spared through this activity. In expansion to this, I thought birthday is the leading day to share this with the individuals as all the positive energies coming your way may well be shared with the complete community. These are terrible times but we require the great in us to defeat the terrible around us.”