Brad Pitt’s legal move: Demands transparency from Angelina Jolie amid abuse claims

In the ongoing saga of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s tumultuous divorce proceedings, Pitt has fired back at Jolie’s recent accusations by demanding transparency regarding the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) she may have imposed on staff members.

The former Hollywood power couple, who were married for 13 years, have been entangled in a bitter legal battle over their divorce, custody of their children, and the ownership of their winery, Château Miraval.


The latest development in this high-profile split came after Jolie made explosive claims against Pitt, alleging instances of physical abuse beyond the previously reported incident on a private flight in 2016. She further accused Pitt of attempting to control her during negotiations over the sale of Miraval by requesting an NDA, which she deemed “unconscionable”.

As a result, Jolie sold her stake in the winery to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler in 2021, defying Pitt’s wishes.

In response, Pitt’s legal team has taken action, filing a motion demanding Jolie disclose any NDAs she may have required staff members or third parties to sign. Pitt’s lawyer, John Berlinski, emphasised the importance of this information, suggesting that it could shed light on whether Jolie’s objections to the NDA proposed by Pitt were genuine or strategic. The court was presented with evidence of Jolie’s own use of NDAs, including a draft non-disparagement agreement and a broader NDA suggested by her divorce lawyers.

While Jolie’s attorney, Paul Murphy, dismissed Pitt’s claims as an attempt to equate common NDAs with covering up abuse, Pitt’s camp maintains that their focus remains on the business aspects of the divorce and winery ownership. A friend of Pitt clarified that the case revolves around a contractual agreement regarding the sale of their interests in Château Miraval, rather than the allegations of abuse.

The legal proceedings have taken an international turn, with a Luxembourg court provisionally stripping Shefler of 10 percent of the shares he acquired from Jolie, potentially tipping the scales in Pitt’s favour. Meanwhile, the central breach of contract claim filed by Pitt in California is being contested by Jolie, but Pitt is pressing forward with efforts to unwind the sale of Miraval completely.

As the legal battle between Pitt and Jolie continues to unfold, the public awaits further developments in this complex and contentious divorce saga. A hearing on disclosure is scheduled for May 16, with a full trial not expected until a later date.