Top Controversies of Taapsee Pannu that Made Headlines

One Bollywood actress who thinks that controversies are good is Taapsee Pannu. This particular actress works not only in Hindi movies but also in Tamil and Telugu movies. She is very popular in Tollywood as well. She does not shy away from top controversies, in fact, she has also been into quite a few that were big enough to make headlines for Taapsee Pannu.

Here is the list of top controversies of Taapsee Pannu – The Saand Ki Aankh Actress


Playing an old character

She was highly criticized for playing the role of a 60-year-old woman in Saand ki Aankh. This made here infuriated and with that anger, she gave a statement that I would do one thing and that is to stop acting. I should just pick up roles of my age and of Delhi girl as that will portray what I am. However, after this statement, she also said that we all are actors and actors can sometimes act being a different age character. Her exact words were, “Ek kam karti hoon main acting karna chhod deti hoon (I will do one thing, I will stop acting), and only play characters of my age and girls from Delhi. We are actors, so should we stop acting? As an actor, I will sometimes play characters of different ages. We should stop being camera actors, I think. I know it’s not an easy visual, as these women pick up guns at the age of 60, and the film showcases their story from half of their current ages.”

The Kabir Singh Controversy

She was roped into the controversy relating to Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh. The 2019 movie was criticized as being highly toxic and a misogynist movie. Her mistimed tweet seemed like she is targeting Shahid Kapoor. However, in one of the interviews, she gave the right justification for her tweet. She said she has no problem with the character. She stated that “The problem is not about showing the flawed character, but the problem is when you glorify it.” She was clear and precise about her thoughts on the Kabir Singh movie.

Kanika- Taapsee Controversy

When Kanika Kapoor and her Covid-19 positive story made rounds on social media, many Bollywood actor and actresses voiced their opinions. One of them was Taapsee Pannu. She also shared her views and opinions on this topic. She defended Kanika and said that both sides have their own points. She indirectly said that there were a lot of parties happening and Kanika happened to attend one of them and she did make phone calls for a check-up but no one came for it. This gave rise to a big controversy as Taapsee backed Kanika.

Most Problematic Controversy

There was one time one someone called her out on twitter and stated that she has to the most problematic actor of Bollywood. This was quite a bad statement for an actress’s image. However, Taapsee stayed calm and replied with the utmost grace. She smartly said, “I know it 😁 My parents also believe I am pretty problematic. The BIG problem for stereotypes and conditioning and sorry to inform you, I shall continue to be so I hope you have a little more tolerance power 💁🏻‍♀️ 😜.” This was quite a witty way to go all out on a tweet.

Kangana VS Taapsee

Yes, Taapsee also faced Kangana in a controversy. However, this time Kangana wasn’t alone, she had Rangoli, her sister by her side. This also started when Taapsee just retweeted Ekta Kapoor’s tweet on Kangana’s film. This raged the fire of the word-war and it felt neverending. The sisters kept tagging Taapsee and she kept jibing her own views.

These were a few of the top controversies of Taapsee Pannu that did make a headline. Some were highly motivational and positive while some took a wrong turn.