Kangana Ranaut on her office being demolished by BMC: I felt like I’m raped

Kangana Ranaut reveals how she felt threatened, abused and humialiated by the Mumbai government after her office was demolished

Over the last month, Bollywood ‘queen’ Kangana Ranaut has been surrounded by controversies due to her bold statement. Recently, her Mumbai office was brutally demolished by BMC and the actress landed on 9th September in Mumbai to witness this. She later flew back to her hometown Manali after all these chaos and has quarantined herself now.

Recently, she spoke about her experience after all these and how she felt happening this to her. In an exclusive interview with Times Now, the actress revealed, “I felt like I was raped. If there is a robbery, even if the thief hasn’t taken anything, you feel violated, mentally, psychologically, emotionally”. She further explained why she felt so and stated, “Agar koi ak insaan government hoti hai, it’s in a position to be a guardian, jab rakshak bhakshak ban jata hai na aapko koi idea nahi hai kya hota hai. Kisse ladu main ab”.


Kangana further added on asking for compensation and said, “They have broken everything, every single thing that was there. I will take compensation, it’s my hard earned money. What they did to me mentally emotionally, karma will get to them. I felt raped, violated”.
Kangana also revealed that her four days stay in Mumbai made her feel humiliated, abused and threatened.