Bigg Boss 17: Samarth Jurel on Isha Malviya’s soft corner for Abhishek Kumar; says, “I’ll walk out of her life if she wants to be with him”

Samarth revealed he isn’t okay with Isha’s closeness with her ex-boyfriend.

Bigg Boss 17 is churning out some major drama and fans are absolutely loving it!

The recent episodes are witnessing some real fights, amongst which is a war between Isha Malviya’s ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend- Abhishek Kumar and Samart Jurel, respectively. While, Samarth has just entered the show as a wild card contestant, his anger towards Abhishek has not been hidden. The very first day of his  existence in the house marked the very first fight between the two lovers. He was also seen discussing with Isha that he is disappointed in her for losing the dignity of their relationship and siding Abhishek.


Before entering the house, Samarth opened up on the same in an interview with ETimes. He said, “I am very upset with her and I don’t think it will be easy for me to just go inside and forget everything. But at the same time, I don’t want anything wrong to happen to her…uska career kharab nahi hona chahiye. If she feels she still wants to go with Abhishek and wants to be with him, I’ll leave from her life. She can happily be with Abhishek. I am ready to sacrifice my love.”

Talking about Abhishek to the media platform, Samarth mentioned that maybe Abhishek hasn’t moved on but he fakes his vulnerable state in the house. Samarth feels that Abhishek is absolutely faking it and trying to look cool like former contestants Asim Riaz and more.

Fans are already enjoying all the drama amongst the love-triangle and it will be interesting to see how their equation unfolds in the coming episodes.

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