Bigg Boss 17: Luxury Budget revealed; Check out the details inside

Bigg Boss introduced luxury budget task for the newest season 17, here what the ration and tasks are going to be.

Bigg Boss 17 is now on its second week and while the contestants have gotten comfortable in their new environment, the makers have already been looking to shake things up a bit. This new development is none other then the announcement for beginning of the new Bigg Boss 17 luxury budget task for the season. What’s the new challenge is going to be? Check out the details here.

As per the latest reports, Bigg Boss is seen taking charge of household duties for the contestants while promise to assign special duties to each individual. However this power and task will require the contestants to collaborate in teams, even if the contestants aren’t originally assigned the task. This new development is sure to lead new doses of spice and entertainment for the audience.


Furthering the difficulty levels for the Bigg Boss 17 competitors, the makers also limited the accessibility of kitchen for all three houses and revealing that it won’t be accessible for 24 hours.

This setup is what Bigg Boss 17 luxury budget task will be staged on. As per the sources, the task will be rap challenge, hosted by the contestant Mannara Chopra with other contestants judging the competition.

The luxury ration, this time will include items like Basmati rice,  urad dal, coffee, green tea, eggs, chicken, fish, rajma, paneer and more. Lastly, the winner will be choosing the 2 housemates they would like to share the luxury ration with.

All these new challenges and restrictions imposed upon the contestants will surely introduce new surge of emotions inside the controversial house that will be interesting to witness.