Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts: Secret boyfriend? Check out Isha Malviya’s heated conversation over Abhishek Kumar’s teasing

In a recent Bigg Boss 17 live shorts clip, the drama unfolds as Abhishek Kumar playfully teases Isha Malviya about her rumoured romantic interest outside the Bigg Boss 17 house. Isha denies it, but the conversation takes an unexpected turn, leaving her visibly uncomfortable.

In the latest captivating Bigg Boss 17 live shorts clip, tensions run high as Isha Malviya engages in a heated exchange with Abhishek Kumar. The cause of this drama? Abhishek’s persistent teasing regarding a mysterious romantic interest in Isha’s life outside the Bigg Boss 17 house. Read on for an inside look at their heated conversation.

The live shorts clip commences with Isha and Abhishek engaged in what seems like a regular conversation about their previous midnight chat. Abhishek playfully remarks that he’s been having nightmares about Isha’s late-night discussions. However, things take an unexpected turn when another housemate inquires about the nature of Abhishek’s dreams. Isha interjects, insisting that she only discusses her life outside of the Bigg Boss 17 house in response to Abhishek’s inquiries. Abhishek contradicts her by claiming, “She voluntarily shares details about her outside life, like her boyfriend and all.”


This revelation takes the housemate by surprise, prompting her to seek more information. However, Isha refutes this, stating, “There’s nothing like that; if there were, I would have openly talked about it. I don’t keep my relationships private.” Abhishek then points out, “Mera toh chupa ke rakha tha, humne kabhi interviews yah vlog mein kuch reveal nahi kia.” Isha responds, “Woh alag baat hai.”

The housemate then encourages the two to continue their vlogging journey together again. However, Abhishek raises concerns about the disapproval of Isha’s boyfriend or family, which visibly agitates her. Isha expresses her discomfort, saying, “Nahi maat kar, mujhe nai acha lag raha hai. Don’t start that topic Abhishek, kal hi itni lambi baat hui hai… tu merko poke kar raha hai baar baar. Nahi hai yaar aisa, maat kar, merko nahi acha lag raha hai.” Ending their discussion on a heated note.