Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts: Khanzaadi admits her dislike for Mannara Chopra to Vicky Jain; says, “Mere pith piche baat karti and I am hurt”

Bigg Boss 17 live shorts shows Firoza Khan opening up to Vicky Jain and Rinku Dhawan, admitting her friendship with Mannara Chopra may be irreparable after their heated fight.

Bigg Boss 17 previously witnessed a major fight between friends Khanzaadi and Mannara Chopra. Now, Firoza Khan is seen admitting to Vicky Jain and Rinku Dhawan that they might not be able to salvage their friendship anymore as too much has happened between them as per a Bigg Boss 17 Live shorts clipping.

This Live Shorts clip starts with Vicky Jain pointing out how their many pairs in the house do not get along with each other at all and this is what has led to many fights inside the house as well. He then gives an example of Aishwarya Sharma and his wife Ankita Lokhande.


Khanzaadi who was present in the conversation, pointed out that her relationship with Mannara Chopra has become unsalvagable ever since their fight inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. Rinku and Vicky assured her that that was not the case with their friendship as this was just nothing major than an argument and that they would get along after things cooled down between them.

Khanzaadi disagrees and says that ever since she called her derogatory words during their fight, she finds it impossible to trust Mannara. She further explains, “Hamare mein pehle jaise bonding nahi rahi, woh mere pith piche baat karti hai and woh sab ke wajah sae I was hurt and I don’t like her.”

Khanzaadi then also shares how she heard from co-contestant Sana Raees Khan that Mannara tried to stop her ( Sana) from being friends. Vicky agrees with Khanzaadi’s pov of Mannara seeing how distanced the two have gotten.