Bigg Boss 17 Live: Isha Malviya feels guilty for choosing Abhishek Kumar over Samarth Jurel; says, “Jese hi agla mauka milega mein Samarth ke sath rahungi”

Everything seems twisted with Isha as she is now feeling sad for not choosing Samarth when Bigg Boss gave her a chance to select her roommate.

Bigg Boss 17 is serving us some major drama and we are in for the treat! The current season of Bigg Boss is gradually intensifying with each passing day, as demonstrated in the recent ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode, which was filled with controversies and drama, setting the tone for the coming months.

In an intriguing twist, Isha Malviya was captured in a video conversation with Samarth Jurel, expressing her regrets about choosing Abhishek Kumar over him to be in her house and share her bed. In the video that has surfaced, Isha can be seen talking to Samarth on the couch, saying, “I made a mistake. Chintu, mujhse ho gayi galati yaar. Mujhe jese hi agla mauka milega na main change kar doongi,”  An irritated Samarth replied with, “Tujhe jo karna hai kar. So na jakar uske baju mein, mujhe ab koi lena dena hi nahi hai tujhse.” Isha can be seen convincing Samarth, however, he seems to be in a foul mood.


Here’s the live clip:

For those who have missed out on the drama, during the Saturday episode, Isha and Abhishek were summoned to the BB Theatre where they both became emotional after watching a montage of their affectionate and tumultuous moments within the house. As the clip concluded, Samarth Jurel made a surprising entrance, declaring himself as Isha Malviya’s boyfriend. At this point, Bigg Boss introduced a twist by asking Isha to decide who she wanted inside her house.

Despite Abhishek’s persistent efforts to persuade Isha to select Samarth, she ultimately chose Abhishek, a decision that left Samarth visibly hurt and disheartened. As he entered the house, Isha inquired whether he had informed Bigg Boss that she was his girlfriend. While Isha had initially denied being in a relationship with Samarth, her choice on the show seems to suggest that she is indeed dating him. The drama and unexpected turns in Bigg Boss 17 continue to captivate the audience.

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