Bigg Boss 17: Khanzaadi confesses her feelings for Abhishek Kumar; latter says, “I’m worst when I’m in a relationship”

Abhishek Kumar and Khanzaadi’s alleged scripted love angle sparks moments for each other. Despite agreeing to stay friends, they admit liking each other in the recent Bigg Boss 17 episode.

Bigg Boss 17’s Abhishek Kumar and Khanziaadi aka Firoza Khan’s newest love angle has become a topic of discussion both inside and outside the controversial house. Moreover, their budding love for each other has been called scripted and fake by the host Salman Khan himself.

Now, in the recent developments of their budding story, the two were seen admitting their liking for each other in the most recent Bigg Boss 17 episodes. This episode witnessed Khanzaadi making an effort toward Abhishek Kumar.


On the morning of the BB17 episode, Khanzaadi came in and hugged Abhishek in the kitchen area. When Abhishek asked why she was doing this now that they had agreed to be friends until the show ended. She explains that whatever has to happen will happen in the Bigg Boss 17 house only.

Later on, Abhishek is seen admitting to Firoza that they like each other, however, he remarked that their being together now might ruin their game as it will be difficult to concentrate. He further adds, “Mein jab relationship mein aata hu toh mein ush ladki ka hoke reh jata hu. Mein pagal ho jata hu. I don’t want to do anything of the sort.”

Khanzaadi then says that she likes going with the flow and the two mutually agree on staying away from each other. However, Navid asks Abhishek about his true feelings for Firoza, the actor refuses to answer. Later on, in the early morning hours, Khanzaadi goes to Abhishek, removes their mic and confesses that she misses him. The two then end up flirting with each other.