Bigg Boss 17: Is Khanzaadi done with Abhishek Kumar? says, “How can he mein ushke feelings ke sath khilwad kar rahi hu?”

A BB quick clip reveals Vicky Jain and Navid Sole consoling Khanzaadi, who declares she’s done with Abhishek’s games, after seeing Abhishek rant negatively about her.

Bigg Boss 17’s latest episode saw Abhishek Kumar surprising the audience and Khanzaadi with his angerful rant during the task performed during the Diwali bash. The episode showcased Abhishek making negative comments about Khanzaadi who later broke down crying in front of Vicky Jain and Navid Sole

Now, a recent Bigg Boss 17 BB quicks clip shows Vicky and Navid Sole calming and assuring Firoza Khan about Abhishek’s behaviour. However, the rapper did not have any of it and even declared that she was done with Abhishek’s little games.


The video clip opens in the bedroom area of the Bigg Boss 17 house where Khanzaadi is crying while Navid and Vicky Jain are reassuring her. When Khandzaadi says, “Now I am done with Abhishek, actually I am done. Vicky replies, “Thike hai, good.”

Navid then points out that she is the only one who keeps going to Abhishek. Khanzaadi denies it and says that it’s Abhishek who keeps going to her and that she is not even talking to him. Vicky assures by saying that her taking this decision is perfectly okay. Khanzaadi, who isn’t done with her rant, adds, “I am not the fake one. He is the one who is hiding his emotions.”

Vicky then interrupts and points out, “Sometimes people do such things to win. However, I am against it.” Vicky then talking about their relationship said, “You guys never meant it na toh woh bhi masti hi kar raha tha.” Khanzaadi then questions, “Then how can he say ki mein ushke feelings ke sath khilwad kar rahi hu?”