Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal aka UK07 Rider gets bashed for criticising the show to be biased with popular contestants

Bigg Boss offers Anurag Dobhal a valuable lesson, asks him to focus away from dwelling on alleged bias and actively contribute to the overall game, as the latter critics Bigg Boss for showing favouritism.

The most recent episode of Bigg Boss 17 marks the one-week milestone for the latest season of this iconic reality show. As the contestants continue to live in close quarters within the Bigg Boss 17 house, they are gradually revealing their true personalities and behaviours to each other. This increased familiarity among the housemates has ignited conflicts, leading to more entertainment and drama for the viewers. In the current week, Bigg Boss introduced a set of house rules, enforcing penalties for contestants who fail to comply.

In a recent update, Anurag Dobhal, also known as UK07 Rider, found himself receiving a stern talk from Bigg Boss himself. This occurred because Babu Bhaiya had been consistently vocal about the show showing favouritism toward more popular contestants. He pointed out that these contestants frequently took centre stage during arguments and received considerable attention from viewers. This continuous criticism of the Bigg Boss show led to Anurag being called to the common area for a private conversation.


During this discussion, Bigg Boss offered Anurag a valuable lesson. He urged Anurag to shift his focus away from dwelling on alleged bias and, instead, showcase his true worth to both his fellow housemates and the show’s fans. Bigg Boss emphasized that Anurag’s actions, such as arbitrarily assigning house duties without considering individual abilities, had led to a week of chaos and frustration among the contestants. Bigg Boss encouraged Anurag to adopt a more proactive role and actively participate in the game. Bigg Boss suggested that Anurag should, actively participate and contribute to the overall game.