Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt express disappoiment with Sunny Arya; former says, “Behen bolke nominate kiya”

This BB quick clipping showcases Neil and Aishwarya clearing Sunny Arya nomination of the actress.

Bigg Boss 17 house recently list down the names of nominated contestants for the upcoming eliminations

The process is done by the BB17 contestants themselves through tasks or declarations. This creates strain and resentment amongst the housemates.


As per the recent Bigg Bos 17 BB quicks clipping Aishwarya was seen expressing her dismay towards Sunny Arya aka Tehlka Bhai for taking her name in the nominations.

The clipping opens with Sunny Arya, Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma chatting on the topic of nomination. When Neil explains to Sunny that he is right in saying that everyone would be nominating one or the other inside the house.

However Neil remarks that he think Arun and Sunny have closer bonding with Aishwarya and him and the reason he did not expect Sunny to take Aishwarya’s name. Neil the says that he wants to continue their connection outside as well.

Aishwarya then expresses her disappoiment and point out to Sunny saying how she thought he saw her as his sister. She says, “Muje bura ishliye laga tha ki aap mujhe behen bolte ho aur pair bhi.”

Sunny then explains that everyone was present and the whole process was different. Neil then further explains how he should have talked with Aishwarya if there was any issue.

Sunny then says, “Thike, galati sae nikal gya tha.” Aishwarya then ends the comver by saying, “Acha baat Khatam, thike sorry.”

In the recent updates, Manasvi Mamgai is speculated to be kicked out of the BB17 house in upcoming Weekend Ka vaar episode.