Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya get into an aggressive fight; latter says, “I can’t take your aggressive behaviour anymore”

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, tensions ran high as Abhishek and Isha clashed. Their argument started over a simple comment and escalated into an aggressive confrontation, leaving Isha feeling unsafe. She expressed her inability to tolerate Abhishek’s aggressive behavior any longer.

The latest instalment of the episode of Bigg Boss 17 brought strings of drama among the household members. One of which was a massive fight between Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya.

Their arguments can be traced back to the morning when Vikas asked Isha if she slept well. Isha then talks to Abhishek, he says, “Dramebaazi yaha nahi, kahin aur. Stop making these sad faces in front of me. BB said no right, don’t talk to me.” Abhishek then leaves the room as he feels ignored by Isha and others.


Later on, the camera captures him in the living room lying on the bed crying. Isha then comes to him but Abhishek says, “Jaa ushke saath chipak ke beith. Whenever I come you make faces. On my back, you’re all happy. You are always like this.” flipping the actress back.

However, Isha replies, “Drama nahi hai, mein tab bhi has hi rahi thi.” When Abhishek gets up assertively, scarring Isha, who warns the actor to not get so aggressive. However, the argument escalates. Leading to Abhishek holds her hand and remarks, “He was holding your hand like this.” Isha retorts and keeps saying, “You’re hurting my hand.”

Abhishek comes to Isha again and assertively asks Isha not to ignore him as it affects him a lot. He says, “Agar mujhe saare ignore karde mujhe farak nahi padta tu mujhe ignore mat kar. 4 mahine baad joh karna hai kar lena please.”

Isha retorts, “Despite everyone ignoring you, I come and talk to you. But you come and twist my hand. People say I am ruining your image. I can’t take your aggressive behaviour anymore.”