The 7 best crypto marketing agencies to boost your potential

Are you a crypto business looking to expand your digital marketing and attract new clients? Then you might be on the lookout for a marketing agency that can save you the hassle of figuring out a crypto strategy. But what makes an excellent crypto marketing agency stand out from an average one? Well, the best crypto marketing agency will:

  • Save you time
  • Make you more money
  • Attract new customers
  • Reduce stress


All the while managing successful marketing campaigns. It almost sounds too good to be true, but we can guarantee you will find a blockchain marketing agency that ticks all these boxes. The best part – it’s right here on this page. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Crypto Marketing?

Before we give you our roundup of the most important cryptocurrency marketing agencies, let’s cover the basics. What is crypto marketing? It is growing awareness of your business and product, all the while communicating your unique value to customers. Marketing helps build client trust and drive sales and revenue to your brand. If done successfully, it will greatly impact the growth of your business.

Crypto marketing can be a little more complex, as it is still a relatively new concept for many people. In addition, as part of the blockchain industry, the marketing company of your choice should be able to explain complex concepts. For example, the crypto agency should clarify blockchain technology, blockchain projects and the crypto space in a simple, easy-to-digest manner.

Types of Crypto Businesses

So who is crypto marketing for? Is your crypto brand one that can benefit from this service? There are various types of crypto businesses that can benefit from content marketing. These include crypto event organisations, blockchain companies, up-and-coming digital assets, crypto markets, crypto wallets and more. As long as you want to advertise your brand digitally, you can benefit from a cryptocurrency marketing agency. Here are some examples of companies that have likely employed a crypto marketing firm to achieve their business goals:

Crypto Projects

Crypto projects include anything from releasing new coins and tokens to developing NFTs. Think Bored Ape Yacht Club, for instance. Cryptocurrency companies like these can benefit from marketing by communicating their investing plans and performance and attracting new investors.

Crypto Platforms

Platforms like are gaining popularity as more and more people enter the cryptocurrency industry. These online platforms are designed to pair new traders with skilled brokers who can help them with trading tools and market insight. These matching platforms can boost trading volumes and attract new users through content marketing.

Crypto Communities

Crypto communities like Cryptohub, which house thousands of users, are another example of a business that has likely benefited from the use of digital marketing. Marketing services can help gather more crypto enthusiasts and enhance community building. Exposure is especially important if you, like Cryptohub, are developing a space for crypto fans.

Crypto Education

Due to the complex nature of crypto technology, some businesses have decided to educate new investors and traders on blockchain topics. A great example of a site that uses this strategy is Cryptopedia, powered by Gemini. Education and training websites can use marketing to draw in new users and highlight the perks of learning about crypto.

Our Roundup: The Top Crypto Marketing Agencies

Here comes the best part – we have prepared a total of seven sites, so you can find the crypto marketing agency that best suits your crypto project. Whether you are after search engine optimisation (SEO), influencer marketing, social media marketing, email marketing or NFT marketing services, there’s something for everyone on our list.

Coinbound (ICODA)

You might have heard of COinbound, now rebranded as ICODA. This fintech and high-tech marketing agency is perfect for those developing new software and in need of a creative content marketing agency. They offer everything from YouTube video marketing, and influencer marketing, to NFT marketing and promos. Their website is simple to use, and you can check the section summing up their target audience to see if you fall under their clientele.


Are you a blockchain startup looking for the right crypto company to offer crypto PR, community management and legal advice? You might like AmaZix. They are experts at building and running online communities that interact with your project and offer insightful feedback. Their team of skilled marketers, community managers, and tech devs have expertise working with over 120 blockchain projects. Pretty impressive, right?

The Token Agency

Are you thinking of releasing a coin of your own? Then it would help if you had a knowledgeable crypto marketing agency specialising in ICOs and token sales. The Token Agency can equip you with everything you need to impress investors, including pitch coaching and strategic consulting. You can even read tons of testimonials from happy customers when you visit their website.


Yes, while there was some sort of scandal surrounding ICO Box, this crypto project has nothing to do with that, bar sharing a name. The mission of the brand-new ICO Box site is to provide users with transparent information and satisfying marketing experiences. They have a group of skilled team members who can assist you in developing a thorough plan that incorporates paid advertising, social media platforms, and crypto PR.

Crypto PR Lab

Crypto PR Lab works with major events in the cryptocurrency and IT industries. They work with blockchain startups, markets, assets, service providers, and businesses. Crypto PR Lab has employed versatile PR specialists who can assist you in getting media attention for your project. They offer crisis management, news release publishing, and media relations.

MLG Blockchain

Are you looking for a leading crypto marketing company that can provide you with technical consulting?That’s just the beginning of their capabilities. Enjoy product design, crypto press releases, marketing strategy, partnerships and various workshops when you partner with MLG. It sounds like a lot from a single agency, but they are the jack of all trades. More like jack of all marketing. MLG Blockchain has helped 20 tokens raise over $200 million. Some of its biggest clients include Ripple, Factom, and Tron, to name a few. They definitely take it one step further than traditional marketing.

Ventrix Media

This affiliate marketing company can not only plunge you into the crypto industry but also help you develop your website through search engine optimisation. The team of SEO marketing wizards can help you attract organic traffic, build your marketing strategy, and figure out the right marketing tactics to deliver the ROI of your dreams. Even though Ventrix Media is the last on our list, don’t let that fool you. It’s a top crypto marketing agency deserving of your attention.

Types of Crypto Marketing to Consider

We mentioned some types of crypto marketing. Depending on your product or service, you will get to choose one or more of the following:

  • Content marketing: Content marketing helps generate helpful information, such as posts, articles, and videos.
  • Referral marketing: This consists of rewarding current clients for introducing new clients to your company.
  • PR: A crypto PR firm can help secure favourable media publicity and oversee the standing of your business in the marketplace.
  • Influencer marketing: This revolves around partnering with well-known figures in the cryptocurrency sector, like bloggers, YouTubers, and social media stars. Crypto influencer marketing aims to advertise your goods or services.
  • Events and sponsorships: To engage with potential customers and advertise your business, you may host or fund events like conferences, meetings, or hackathons.

When you discuss your crypto marketing strategy with the agency of your choice, they will go over the plan and type of marketing they will use to achieve your business goals.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting crypto companies to help with your digital marketing. Of course, you don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket. Have a few meetings and discuss your options and prices with each one. The good news is that these meetings are typically free and can help you better grasp each agency’s services. We wish you happy hunting!