Top 5 women entrepreneurs in United States of America from diverse sectors

Entrepreneurship has been the backbone of the American economy. With changing times, there have been more and more involvement from women, as they have been contributing towards the growth of the nation.

In the following article, we shall look at some of the success stories of USA’s women entrepreneurs.


Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs of United States of America.

1. Diane Hendricks

Wealth: $15 billion

Source: Building Supplies

Age: 76

Residence: Afton, WI

The residential construction boom continued in 2022 and pushed sale at Hendricks’ ABC Supply, which she owns, up 25 per cent to $18.5 billion. This is boosted her wealth by nearly $3 billion.

2. Judy Love

Wealth: $10.2 billion

Source: Gas Stations

Age: 85

Residence: Oklahoma City

Her husband of 62 years, passed away in March 2023, leaving her his half of the Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, the retailer the pair started together in 1964 with a loan of $5,000. The company, with est revenue of $26.5 billion, is being run by her sons Greg and Frank as co-CEOs since 2014. They are planning onto investing another $1 billion into renovating the existing stores and to open additional 25 stores.

3. Judy Faulkner

Wealth: $7.4 billion

Source: Healthcare Software

Age: 79

Residence: Madison, WI

Faulkner founded Epic Systems, the electronic health records company in 1979. She announced partnership with Microsoft to use generative AI to held draft responses to patient’s messages and improve data analysis for hospital customers.

4. Lynda Resnick

Wealth: $5.3 billion

Source: Agriculture

Age: 80

Residence: Beverly Hills, CA

The country’s richest farmers – Resnick and her husband Stewart – owns the $5 billion agricultural giant Wonderful Co, which grows and sells pistachios, almonds, pomegranates, mandarin oranges and seedless lemons from 135,999 acres in California’s Central Valley, Texas, and Mexico.

5. Thai Lee

Wealth: $4.8 billion

Source: IT provider

Age: 64

Residence: Austin, TX

The most successful immigrant of America has run IT provider SHI International for 34 years. The company is investing heavily in its international operations, which grew by 25 per cent in 2022, which in turn increased their revenue by 14 per cent, compared to previous year, bringing the revenue to $14 billion.