3 key money lessons to learn from Netflix series ‘Super Rich in Korea’

Netflix recently released a new K-drama ‘Super Rich in Korea’, which might require you take out your fancy sunglasses, because it is what the title suggests. The show is about men who flashes their black cards to buy apartment worth 991,442,000 (16 billion Won). It is about a woman who will do anything to get a front row seat at Paris Fashion Week. The show also features a limited edition designer bags, watches, clothes that’s hollower than a show named Dubai Bling, which also streamed on Netflix a while ago.

Money Can’t Buy You Love


While The Beatles sang it ages ago, you might want to re-live it when you see David Yong all peacocked up in Celine jackets, and see his story unravel in front of us, you feel sorry for him. He portrays the character who is Singaporean, living in Korea, who family runs timber businesses in Cambodia and South East Asian countries. He has opened an Entertainment business in Korea and lives in the tallest tower in Seoul, has designer bags in living room, and designer clothes on rack, and yes a money counting machine.

He drives a ferrari, but is turned down at the restaurant because there is no parking. He calls his driver for help, but ultimately gets late for a date. At the blind date, the two girls laugh at him and have eyes only for his Italian friend Teodoro Marani, who clearly knows how to seduce a woman, or maybe two.

A Golden Cage Is Still A Cage

One of the super rich women is married to a Pakistani nobleman. Their homes are stunning, they have lion and tiger cubs playing in the lawn, and have the best qawwali singer and designers for their anniversary party.

She runs a business of bringing Korean cosmetics to Pakistan, and is able to fly to Dubai to buy kimchi, but no matter how much her net worth is, her husband is denied a visa to Korea.

Manners Maketh The Man

Aren Yoon, who is known as ‘Paris Hilton of Korea’ is painfully thin and despite of getting a front row seat at Paris Fashion Week, and having shut down a Dolce & Gabbana store to celebrate her birthday, she still has to show off all the free stuff that comes along with her appearances.