Berkshire Hathaway exits Paytm selling entire 2.46% stake

Berkshire Hathaway, led by the renowned Warren Buffett, has made a strategic exit from One 97 Communications, commonly known as Paytm. The departure was unveiled through bulk deals data shared by the National Stock Exchange, marking a significant shift in investment dynamics.

Rather than a gradual reduction, Berkshire Hathaway opted for a complete divestment, selling its entire stake in Paytm. The shares, now under new ownership, found takers in Ghisallo Master Fund and Copthall Mauritius Investment, acquiring 42,75,000 and 75,75,529 shares, respectively.


The transaction, executed at an average price of Rs 877.2 per share, aligns with the intricate dance of stock market valuations. Preceding this move, Paytm’s shares experienced a dip of 3.23 percent, settling at Rs 893. The decision to exit comes against the backdrop of evolving market sentiments.

As of September-end, the shareholding data indicated that Berkshire Hathaway, operating through BH International, possessed 1,56,23,529 shares in Paytm. This translated to a substantial 2.46 percent stake in the company, underlining the scale of the exit.

Berkshire Hathaway’s foray into Paytm stood as Warren Buffett’s sole investment venture in India. Notably, reports suggest that the deal-making process with Paytm’s founder, Vijay Sharma, was remarkably swift – sealed in what is described as “one meeting and two phone calls.” This efficiency in deal closure adds an intriguing layer to the narrative of Berkshire’s investment journey in the Indian market.

The move to exit Paytm signifies a recalibration of Berkshire Hathaway’s investment strategy, perhaps influenced by changing market dynamics or a strategic reassessment of its portfolio. It prompts observers to speculate on the conglomerate’s future moves and potential shifts in focus within the dynamic landscape of Indian investments.

As the curtains fall on Berkshire Hathaway’s chapter with Paytm, it leaves investors and industry experts pondering the motivations behind this decision. The nuances of investment choices, especially in the ever-evolving tech and finance sectors, reflect the adaptability and strategic acumen of seasoned investors like Warren Buffett. The departure from Paytm serves as a case study in the dynamic dance of market forces and investor strategies, where decisions ripple through the financial landscape, creating waves of speculation and analysis.