Artifact news reading app to shut down operations

The personalized news reading app, Artifact, which was launched in February, is winding down its operations. The app’s creators announced the decision on their website, stating that Artifact would maintain its core news reading capability until the end of February.

As part of the streamlining process, starting January 12th, the ability to add new posts and comments will be removed. Existing posts will remain visible on users’ profiles for self-view, according to the announcement.


Artifact’s founder, Kevin Systrom, mentioned that the app had been in operation for a year, and efforts were invested in creating a quality product. However, due to the limited market opportunity, the decision was made to discontinue further investment.

Artifact introduced various features, including AI-powered article summaries, in-app article comments, the ability to mark articles as clickbait, and the option to share internet links. It also featured a post-sharing function and a post-liking feature.

Compared to the now-defunct Google Reader, Artifact was considered a modern version, utilizing machine learning to personalize the news reading experience. Systrom acknowledged the challenges in the news industry, with local news disappearing, and larger publishers facing complex relationships with major technology firms.