‘Arrest Sunny Leone’ trends on twitter as the actress is accused to hurting religious sentiments with her latest song release.

Sunny Leone has been in the negative limelight for a quiet and while after her latest release of ‘Madhuban’.

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, ever since her debut in Bollywood has been limelight for one or another reason. The actress never seems to fail to grab attention, be it positive or negative. She is now being written about in the headlines for her latest track, Madhuban.

For the last couple of daysmSnyy Leone’s latest release, Madhuban has been in a negative light. The lyrics “Madhuban Main Radhika Naache” have been taken as an insult for several religious groups as they object to the song’s release. They are bashing the song for the actresses’ obscene dance to such lyrics written.


While such negative feedbacks have been all over the news, netizens have now also trended ‘Arrest Sunny Leone’ on the Twitter platform. This trending tweet has already had over 20,000 tweets.”P*orn actress Sunny Leone insulted Hindusim badly in the name of songs! Madhuban me Nache Radha? Every time they target the Hindu religion and our gods! That is why now the action is needed and need to make a permanent rule for this!!”

Meanwhile, on other news, Mathura-based priests recently call for a ban on Sunny Leone’s Madhuba, accusing her of hurting religious sentiments.