Transak and SKALE forge partnership to revolutionize Web3 Gaming

Transak and SKALE have teamed up to address key challenges in Web3 gaming, offering solutions for high gas fees and seamless entry into digital assets.

Transak and SKALE have announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the Web3 gaming landscape. This partnership aims to tackle two major obstacles to blockchain adoption: unpredictable gas fees and the complexities of entering the world of digital assets seamlessly.

Transak, a leading Web3 payment solution for onboarding infrastructure, brings new possibilities to SKALE, the leading Appchain scaling network offering zero gas fees. This collaboration offers a comprehensive solution: while SKALE ensures affordability and usability with its cutting-edge technology, Transak simplifies the user journey, enabling easy and efficient entry pathways.


This partnership is poised to remove hurdles that have long hindered the mass adoption of blockchain technology, particularly in the Web3 gaming sector.

Transak + SKALE Integration: A Global Impact
A report by Dappradar highlighted that nearly $3 billion was invested in Web3 gaming projects in 2023, yet this figure was more than 60% lower than the previous year. This indicates significant interest in blockchain-based games, but easy accessibility for mainstream and casual gamers remains a challenge.

The partnership between Transak and SKALE aims to open the doors of Web3 gaming to over 180 countries in a practical and affordable manner for most users.

With the integration of Transak, SKALE is launching fiat-to-crypto deposits in more than 180 countries, including emerging Asian markets. This allows users to easily purchase blockchain-based assets and use them across 20 SKALE Appchains.

This integration not only simplifies transactions but also enhances user experiences by embedding Transak’s services directly into SKALE dApps, providing developers with a powerful tool to enhance engagement.

“Our partnership with SKALE represents a significant advancement in Web3 gaming and blockchain accessibility. By combining SKALE’s zero gas fee architecture with Transak’s streamlined onboarding infrastructure, we’re eliminating key barriers to blockchain adoption and opening new avenues for gamers worldwide,” said Yeshu Agarwal, CTO of Transak.

Impact on Web3 Gaming and Beyond
SKALE has been a frontrunner in the Web3 gaming space, recognized as the most active gaming chain in 2023 by CoinGecko and boasting the world’s fastest blockchain accolade from Dartmouth.

By eliminating over $4 billion in gas fees and supporting 20 million Unique Active Wallets (UAWs), SKALE has established a robust foundation for growth.

With Transak’s integration, gamers and developers alike can anticipate a more fluid and cost-effective gaming experience, further driving user engagement and platform growth.

To support the Web3 gaming industry and its users, Transak is supporting NFT purchases for as low as $0.01. This opens up the viability of micro-transactions, which is essential for fast-paced AAA and MMORPG games to thrive in a decentralized environment.

SKALE’s rapid growth and market dominance in Web3 gaming is a testament to a superior user experience created by a modular architecture and zero gas fee economic model. Partnering with Transak strengthens this edge by improving access and reducing costs for users and gamers across the ecosystem. Incorporating Transak’s efficient on-and-off ramp services is a strategic move to drive further growth and empower developers in the SKALE Ecosystem. – Jack O’Holleran, CEO of SKALE Labs

Innovations and Success Stories
SKALE’s ecosystem is filled with innovation, hosting a variety of projects ranging from AAA-quality games to AI integrations. Key highlights include:

StrayShot – Integrates NFTs into gameplay, enabling players to mint weapons directly to their wallets.
ReHold – Uses SKALE’s infrastructure for cost-effective data storage and transparent transaction recording, saving users thousands in gas fees.
Exorde – An AI-based dApp that harnesses SKALE’s zero gas fee environment for efficient data scraping, saving millions in potential costs.
With the integration of Transak’s services into SKALE dApps, gamers can quickly onboard onto trending games, addressing a major challenge in the Web3 gaming landscape.

This ease of transaction is not just a convenience; it’s a game-changer, enabling gamers to fully engage with and benefit from their participation in the SKALE ecosystem.

As SKALE and Transak forge ahead, their collaboration is set to unleash a new wave of innovation and accessibility in the blockchain space. By focusing on user-friendly solutions and technologies, they are addressing the current needs of the blockchain community and shaping the future of Web3 gaming and blockchain utilization.