Ragam Pro AVL breaks Ground: First in India to embrace DiGiCo Quantum 225

Ragam Pro AVL, based in Kodaly, Kerala, achieves a milestone by becoming the inaugural rental company in India to incorporate the DiGiCo Quantum 225 into its inventory. With a legacy spanning 50 years, Ragam Pro AVL has earned renown for delivering top-tier events, and owner Biju KV’s decision to upgrade their audio arsenal reflects their commitment to meeting evolving client demands.

In a significant move that underscores its commitment to innovation and excellence, Ragam Pro AVL, a prominent rental company based in Kodaly, Kerala, has marked a historic milestone by becoming the first in India to introduce the DiGiCo Quantum 225 into its inventory. With a legacy spanning five decades, Ragam Pro AVL has established itself as a leader in delivering top-tier events, and the decision to incorporate the Quantum 225 reflects the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the audio industry.

Biju KV, owner of Ragam Pro AVL, highlights the company’s decision to upgrade its audio inventory in response to the growing demands of clients. Initially considering a purchase from DiGiCo’s SD series, Ragam Pro AVL’s plans took an exciting turn with the introduction of the Quantum 338 and 225 to the Indian market by Hi-Tech Audio & Image, the distributor of DiGiCo in India. Azhar Meem from AVL Marketing, Kerala, the dealer partner of Hi-Tech Audio & Image, played a crucial role in introducing Ragam Pro AVL to the Quantum 225, emphasizing its compact yet powerful design perfectly suited to their requirements.


Rajan Gupta, CEO and founder of Hi-Tech Audio & Image, underscores DiGiCo’s technical excellence and support as pivotal factors in converting prospects to clients. He commends DiGiCo for consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, culminating in products like the Quantum 225, which packs exceptional power and versatility into a compact work surface. For Ragam Pro AVL, the Quantum 225 emerges as a rider-friendly solution, aligning seamlessly with their vision for delivering exceptional audio experiences.

Despite being a newcomer to the Indian live industry, the Quantum 225 captured Ragam Pro AVL’s interest, albeit with some initial uncertainty. Azhar Meem’s proactive approach and the positive feedback from sound engineers who had firsthand experience with the console in Europe played a crucial role in solidifying Ragam Pro AVL’s decision to invest in the Quantum 225. The unwavering support provided by Rajan Gupta and Nirdosh Aggarwal of Hi-Tech Audio & Image further cemented Ragam Pro AVL’s confidence in their choice.

Nirdosh Aggarwal, managing director of Hi-Tech Audio & Image, acknowledges the instrumental role played by trusted dealer partners like AVL Marketing in promoting brands like DiGiCo within the region. With extensive inventory requirements for pro audio brands, collaborations with dealer partners like AVL Marketing are essential for expanding market reach and driving sales. Ragam Pro AVL’s decision to invest in the Quantum 225 aligns with their future business plans, reflecting a strategic commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and meeting client expectations.

As Ragam Pro AVL embarks on its journey with the DiGiCo Quantum 225, hands-on training becomes paramount. DiGiCo application engineer, Piyush Joshi, praises the Quantum 225 as a game-changer in the industry, boasting efficient technology packaged in a compact yet robust design. With features like Nodal Processing, Spice Rack, True Solo, and DMI slots for protocol integration, the Quantum 225 redefines the capabilities of digital audio consoles, setting a new standard for excellence in audio engineering.

Ragam Pro AVL’s pioneering move to embrace the DiGiCo Quantum 225 marks a significant milestone in the Indian audio industry. With a legacy of excellence spanning five decades, Ragam Pro AVL continues to set new benchmarks for innovation and quality, reaffirming its position as a leader in delivering exceptional audio experiences. As the first in India to adopt the Quantum 225, Ragam Pro AVL demonstrates its unwavering commitment to staying ahead of the curve and meeting the evolving needs of its clients in the dynamic world of live events and entertainment.