10 best apps for college students

College is hard. There are many complex and fast-paced coursework to finish and different requirements to submit, including a thesis. Fortunately, online tools and services exist to make college tasks and responsibilities manageable. 

For instance, you can get quality yet cheap professional writing assistance on the https://studybay.com – thesis writing service. It offers thesis writing services to help  college students struggling with their academic papers, using a team of online thesis writers. Aside from this, plenty of apps are available to help you with your studying, so you can make the best of college life. 


In this article, we’ve listed 10 of the most useful apps suited for college coursework – from note-taking to collaborating for school projects.

Tips to Find the Right Apps

There’s no shortage of apps you can use to help with thesis writing, time management, and many other aspects of your college life. But this abundance can also be overwhelming. Which app should you invest in?

To determine which apps will benefit you the most, consider what areas you need to work on. There are many apps with the same functionality. Read reviews and find out the number of downloads to determine which option is the best.

10 Apps to Consider in College

1. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a free Microsoft app for taking and organizing notes. It lets you quickly capture a whiteboard, document, or slide. You can freely sketch diagrams, handwrite notes, and add images and texts anywhere. It also lets you record audio notes and create tables and to-do lists.

OneNote is highly organized. You can have different Notebooks for each subject. Notebooks are fashioned after ring binders and broken down into pages for sections and subsections. You can share your notes with friends to edit them with you in real time. The app also syncs across all devices and integrates easily with Microsoft Office.

2. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is an online learning resource app made by a nonprofit organization of the same name. It’s an ideal app for college students who want to learn during their off-hours. It offers videos, interactive exercises, and other resource materials. Khan Academy has lessons on many subjects, such as mathematics, science, and grammar.

College students can study and practice at their own pace with the Khan Academy app. You can download videos to watch them offline, and your progress is synced with your Khan Academy account. It’s also completely free for all learners.

3. Dictionary.com

The most popular dictionary app, Dictionary.com, contains over 2 million words. It lets you easily find the meaning of the words that stump you, together with their synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, and word origin. This app can detect misspelled words and offers voice searches. College students can also learn more about the language with the platform’s engaging features like Word of the Day, Word Puzzle, and Wordplay.

The app offers a free and premium version. The latter provides advanced features, including an encyclopedia, idioms, and example sentences. You can install it on both Android and iOS devices.

4. My Study Life

MyStudyLife is a school planner app that helps you manage every college class and activity in one place. It works with both conventional weekly student calendars and rotating class schedules. The app lets you enter your school subjects, schedule classes, and record lesson details. It generally makes it easy to manage your school calendar.

MyStudyLife allows you to track tests, set study reminders, and organize homework. The app also helps you stay up-to-date with your classes and assignments. You can use it to save information, including your calendar, schedule, test results, and more, in the cloud. My Study Life is available online and through Android and iOS devices.

5. Grammarly

The free online writing tool from Grammarly helps you write excellent essays and get better grades. It serves as your collaborative partner at every step of the writing process. It can assist you with idea generation, precise citation formatting, and all other aspects of writing, ensuring you turn in your best work.

The Grammarly app acts as your helper in co-creating and proofreading every text message, social media post, and email before sending it. It also adds transparency and integrity to your work by citing your sources and indicating when you have used generative AI.

Basic features are free. Advanced features like finding the ideal tone for any project can be accessed by subscribing to the premium version.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet is an AI-powered flashcard app. It provides customized tests and quizzes, professionally crafted homework solutions, and innovative AI study tools. You can use Magic Notes to create flashcards, practice exams, and essay prompts by uploading your class notes. It also lets you create sets of flashcards or browse through millions of flashcards made by teachers and other students.

However, most AI-driven tools are available in the premium version, QuizletPlus. It has a seven-day trial and is billed annually.

7. Canva

Canva is a free online graphic design tool that helps college students visually manage projects, make presentations for classes, enhance their study notes, and many more. It has a vast library of interactive templates. Therefore, you can create

  • schedules
  • infographics
  • mind maps
  • presentations
  • calenders
  • brochures, and much more.

Canva also lets you collaborate with other users on different works with features like group roles, group assignments, and group mind maps. Canva has a free version for students.

8. Google Drive

It’s likely that you already have access to Google Drive because you have a Google account. Google Drive is an online storage platform that integrates with Google Docs, Sheets, and other Google services like Gmail. 

The primary benefits of downloading Drive are the backup and online accessibility, but it also has many useful features. These include searching for files, viewing content offline, getting alerts about significant file activities, and scanning paper documents with the camera on your smartphone.

9. Zotero

Zotero is a research aid for students writing research papers. You can use this app to collect, organize, cite, annotate, and distribute your work. Zotero makes gathering sources easy by automatically detecting research as you browse the web. You can group items into collections and label them with keywords to make your research more organized.

Zotero can also instantly generate bibliographies and references for any text editor and within Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs to simplify citations. You can choose to synchronize your data across devices with the app, which will update your files, notes, and bibliographic records automatically.

10. The Mindfulness App

College can be stressful and overwhelming and can take a toll on mental health. The Mindfulness App seeks to help you have a more restful sleep and experience less stress and anxiety through guided meditations and courses. It features a guided introduction, personalized meditation reminders, and bedtime stories for a relaxing end to the day. 

The app can translate its courses and guided meditation in more than 10 languages. Moreover, you can choose to engage in silent meditation or add ambient noises like rain, waves, forests, and more. You can download the app for free and upgrade to a premium version to access more features.

Caution: Don’t Over Rely on Apps

The apps on this list will help you throughout your college. But never use them as a crutch; consider them as tools always. Overreliance on apps can take away opportunities to learn and hone crucial life skills, like critical thinking. Use apps wisely to improve your grades and college life.