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Apple iPhone 14’s battery replacement will be costlier than earlier generations

The cost of the iPhone 13 battery has increased by 43% from last year’s pricing of USD69.

Before purchasing an Apple product, one considers a number of factors, including the cost of a new battery. This is due to the cost of replacing an iPhone battery, which will increase with the release of the iPhone 14 model.

According to a recent 9to5mac story, Apple has increased the price of the iPhone 14 battery to USD 99. (Rs 7,824.71). From last year’s price of USD69 for the iPhone 13 battery, this represents a 43% increase. The entire lineup of iPhone 14 models is subject to the new battery price. Although Apple has not made a formal declaration about this, it is unclear why the price increased given that the batteries in the iPhone 13 and 14 are almost identical in size. Also unknown is whether the price increase will affect only the US market or all markets worldwide.

For its devices, Apple offers AppleCare+, which functions as an extended warranty and technical support packages. However, in the case of the battery, you may only take advantage of this benefit if the battery in your phone is less than 80% full. Additionally, batteries that deteriorate due to normal use are not covered by the warranty.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are the latest additions to Apple’s series of 14 iPhones. The starting pricing for the iPhone 14 is Rs 79,900, the iPhone 14 Plus is Rs 89,900, the iPhone 14 Pro is Rs 1,29,900, and the Pro Max is Rs 1,39,900. These prices include both the 22% customs charges and the 18% GST. The iPhone 13 and 14 have the same A15 processor, similar-sized display, and 5G connectivity (non-pro models of 14).

The price of the iPhone 13 is Rs 69,900. The price of the iPhone 13 Pro is Rs. 1,08,900, while that of the Pro Max is Rs. 1,19,900. The current price of the iPhone 13 Mini is Rs 64,900.