Bobby Lashley defeats McIntyre in WWE Hell in a Cell 2021

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley triumphs over Drew McIntyre. After long months, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre took their rivalry inside Hell in a Cell. Also, the all-mighty reigned supreme to retain the WWE Championship which signifies McIntyre will not be able to challenge for the WWE Title as long as Lashley is a Champion.

In the start, McIntyre was merely dominating by beating Lashley all around the ringside area and bashing him repeatedly into the chain-link before levelling him with the steel steps. Bobby was dazed early following a massive overhead belly-to-belly. The champion used MVP’s cane as a mean to get back in the match. He showed his aggression, later sandwiching McIntyre into the cage repeatedly with the steps.


Lashley had recovered and thrashed McIntyre with the Hurt Lock, only to be rammed backwards through a table set-up against the cell. The champion answered after dogging Claymore, showcasing his awe-inspiring strength by sending McIntyre through a table at ringside from the apron. McIntyre still had one last gap left. Lashley capitalised, rolling up Mcintyre for the three-count and leaving him in disbelief as his last chance at becoming for the foreseeable future slipped through his fingers.

Drew McIntyre tweeted, “It’s been a wild ride. I’ve always wanted to make all of you proud, and I hoped that you would get the chance to see me live and in person as WWE Champion. Looks like that dream is on hold for a while. Thanks for all your support.”