Rohan Bopanna makes history by becoming no.1 Tennis player at the age of 43

In the same week Bopanna was also nominated for the Padma Shri Award as well as lifted the Australian Open trophy

Bopanna, the resilient tennis player who contends with worn-out knees lacking cartilage, showcased his enduring prowess alongside doubles partner Matthew Ebden at the Australian Open this Wednesday. Overcoming the formidable sixth-seeded Argentines, Maximo Gonzalez and Andres Molteni, the duo secured a hard-fought victory with a scoreline of 6-4, 7-6(7-5), marking their third consecutive grand slam semifinal appearance as a pair.

“It was my dream, and more so when you’re playing the sport for couple of decades. Then now at this juncture for me to get to world No. 1, I think my perseverance to the sport, to stay in it and to keep fighting and to keep working hard, and have such a great partner by my side — I think the consistent year we had last year is why… This helped me get to this stage,” Bopanna stated.


Undeterred by the physical challenges, Bopanna and Ebden continued their remarkable run on Thursday, triumphing over unseeded duo Tomas Machac and Zhang Zhizhen. In a closely contested match that extended to a tie-break, the resilient pair secured their spot in the final.

Bopanna’s journey in professional tennis began when he embraced the sport at the age of 11, later committing to it as a career at 19. In 2003, he officially turned professional, and his ascent to success culminated in clinching the ATP title in 2008 at the Los Angeles Open alongside Eric Butorac.

“You know, I think once the tournament is fully done and I have a couple of weeks at home at least, I think I can really, you know, relive that moment. But of course very, very proud to be in this position and be ranked as the No. 1 player in the world,” He added.

Notably, Bopanna credits the incorporation of yoga into his routine during the Covid-19 pandemic as a pivotal factor in enhancing his tennis skills in recent years. This unique blend of resilience, skill, and a holistic approach to fitness has propelled Bopanna and Ebden to the forefront of the doubles competition, leaving an indelible mark on the Australian Open.