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Grand Slams jointly announce a 10 point final set tie-break

A 10 point tie break is introduced in all Grand Slams as a reason for consistency of rules and enhanced tennis experience for both athletes and fans alike.

The Grand Slam Board has announced the joint decision with the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open that a 10 point tie-break at all Grand Slam will be implemented when the score reaches six games in the final set in an official statement released by Wimbledon. It is decided based on the desire to provide greater consistency in the rules across all games in all Grand Slams to enhance the experience for both players and fans alike. This means that the final player to reach six games in the final set will be awarded 10 points with an advantage of two or more points.

The decision was taken jointly with the consultation of WTA, ATP, ITF and the tennis officiating community which is set to be applied across Men’s singles and doubles, Women’s singles and doubles, Wheelchair and Junior events in singles with a trial approved by the Rules of Tennis Committee governed by the ITF, across the qualifying round. The tie-break will commence at the 2022 edition of Roland-Garros.

The format will remain the same in Wimbledon as for other events but the 10 point tie-break will be played in place of the final set of  Mixed Doubles, Junior doubles and Wheelchair doubles at the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, and the US Open, according to the official statement released by Wimbledon. The rule is set to change if it is not in harmony with the game as the new decision is under trial for a full Grand Slam year. The permanent decision will be taken in consultation with the WTA, ATP and ITF.