"We played well in the game," Carlo Ancelotti stated following Madrid's 1-0 loss to FC Barcelona | Business Upturn

“We played well in the game,” Carlo Ancelotti stated following Madrid’s 1-0 loss to FC Barcelona

Real Madrid lost 1-0 to FC Barcelona in the Copa del Rey Semi-finals first leg.


Following Real Madrid’s 1-0 loss to Barcelona on Thursday in Copa del Rey Semi-finals first leg, Carlo Ancelotti said in his post-match press conference that he was satisfied with the team’s overall performance. He said, “we played a good game.

“We played a very intense game. Our team pressed high up the field. Barcelona’s 34 per cent possession rate was a positive development.

“Despite not scoring, we played the game we wanted to play. However, in the final third, we needed the right touch. We put in a lot of crosses, but they are compelling with their aerial balls. Nevertheless, we are satisfied with the game because it’s difficult to control against Barcelona.”


According to the Madrid manager, FC Barcelona did not deserve to win the match. As a result, he said, “it was one of Real Madrid’s best games in terms of control. If we play like this in the second leg, we’ll have more chances. I don’t think Barcelona can approach the game like that at home.”

Carlo Ancelotti also commented on the playing style of FC Barcelona by saying, “it’s been surprising to see Barcelona play like that, but they’ve learned to defend very well. They’re solid in that aspect. But, unfortunately, we lost a lot of balls, and that’s not the right thing for us.

On the other hand, Xavi was pleased with the results but not with how his side played at Bernabeu. The Catalan manager said, “Today, we cannot boast. It is not the game we were looking forward to playing. We want to generate more scoring chances. It is not the game we want. They dominated us with the ball. How do you take the ball from Kroos and Modric? They have to be valued, and they’re extraordinary.”


Camp Nou will host the second leg of the Copa del Rey on April 6th, 2023.