Man City submit a new bid for Wolves’ Matheus Nunes

Manchester City has submitted a new bid in excess of €60 million for Wolves’ midfielder Matheus Nunes.

Manchester City has put forth a renewed offer exceeding €60 million for the highly sought-after Wolves’ midfielder, Matheus Nunes. This strategic move comes after an initial bid of approximately €50 million was turned down by the Wolverhampton-based club, indicating City’s commitment to securing the talented player’s services.

Matheus Nunes, a rising star in the world of football, has drawn attention with his impressive performances for Wolves. The midfielder’s combination of technical finesse, vision, and ability to control the tempo of the game has made him a prime target for top clubs across Europe. Manchester City, known for its strong emphasis on possession-based football and creative midfield play, sees Nunes as a player who can seamlessly integrate into their style of play and provide additional depth to their midfield roster.


The decision to increase the bid to over €60 million demonstrates Manchester City’s acknowledgment of the player’s worth and their willingness to invest in securing his signature. While the original bid was noteworthy in itself, the enhanced offer serves as a clear indication of the club’s desire to avoid negotiations and swiftly bring Nunes into their team.