Gattuso sacked by Olympique Marseille

Gennaro Gattuso has been sacked by Olympique Marseille today.

Gennaro Gattuso has been sacked by Olympique Marseille today. OM allready looking for a new head coach and Gattuso recently joined the side but wasn’t up to the board expectations.

Olympique Marseille made a swift managerial change today as they parted ways with Gennaro Gattuso. Despite Gattuso’s recent arrival, the board deemed his performance below expectations, leading to his dismissal. The decision underscores the high standards set by the club and their commitment to achieving success.


Gattuso, a former Italian international and AC Milan legend, took charge of Marseille just a few months ago, bringing with him a wealth of experience. However, results on the pitch failed to match the aspirations of the board, prompting them to make a decisive move.

The search for a new head coach is already underway, reflecting Marseille’s determination to find the right candidate swiftly. The club’s hierarchy is undoubtedly focused on securing a leader who can not only meet but exceed the expectations set for this illustrious football institution.