Dani Ceballos opens up on training altercation with teammate David Luiz

According to The Athletic journalist David Ornstein, David Luiz and Dani Ceballos had a physical altercation in training last week that led to Ceballos having a bleeding nose. Reasons for the fight were not specified. Ornstein also mentioned that both players apologized and things were normal after the incident.


Ceballos replied to Ornstein’s tweet, calling it “FAKE”.

In an interesting turn of events, Ceballos has opened up on the incident suggesting that it actually may have happened which leaves a lot of question marks over his reply to the Athletic journalist.

He said, “It was not an exemplary behaviour but it is good to see Arsenal is alive – that the team has character.” 

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta also had his say on the incident, suggesting things get competitive in training but is also disappointed that things got leaked in the media.

“Training is very competitive and issues happen a lot of times, There is no problem at all [between the two players] but I don’t like the fact that that incident comes out at all. And I will find out where it is coming from and if that is the case, that goes completely against what I expect from each other, the privacy and the confidentiality that we need, and there will be consequences.”

This is not the first time Ceballos has been in an altercation with one of his teammates. During a warmup for the first league game of the season against Fulham, the Spanish midfielder had a bust up with teammate Eddie Nketiah, where both got physical and had to be separated from each other.