Chelsea prepare to recall Andrey Santos from Nottingham Forest in January

Chelsea are prepared to recall Andrey Santos from Nottingham Forest.

Chelsea are prepared to recall Brazilian Andrey Santos from Nottingham Forest who was signed by the club in the summer transfer window and sent on loan to Premier League side (Nottingham Forest).

In a strategic move to bolster their attack, Chelsea is reportedly gearing up to recall Brazilian striker Andrey Santos from his loan spell at Nottingham Forest. The forward, secured by Chelsea during the summer transfer window, was promptly loaned to the Premier League side to gain valuable playing time and experience.


With Chelsea facing a pressing need for additional firepower up front, the decision to recall Santos appears to be a calculated response to improve their striking. The Blues, renowned for their squad management, are known to make tactical adjustments as the season unfolds, and the recall of Santos aligns with their proactive approach to squad optimization.

Santos, a promising talent, showcased his goal-scoring ability during his time at Brazilian young team. Chelsea’s decision to bring him back into the fold suggests a belief in his potential impact on the first team. Managerial considerations and a desire to diversify attacking options likely played a pivotal role in the club’s decision-making process.