Tokyo Olympics: 13 years old Momiji Nishiya of Japan becomes the first ever woman to win Olympic gold medal at skateboarding

Momiji Nishiya of Japan at the age of 13, becomes the first-ever woman to win the Olympic gold medal in women’s skateboarding.

Japan’s Momiji Nishiya becomes the youngest person to win a gold medal at the Olympics championship as a record on Monday at the age of 13 years and 330 days by gaining a victory at the inaugural women’s skateboarding.


Nishiya completed ahead of Rayssa Leal of Brazil who is also the same age as 203 days and Funa Nakayama of Japan ageing 16.

Nishiya scored 15:26 to show in the stunts category and her action reflected that of her side’s teammate Yuto Horigome, the one who earned the men’s title with an extraordinary sequence of tricks previously on Sunday.

Marjorie Gestring from the United States continues to stay the youngest person as an Olympic Champion following his win at the 3m springboard at the 1936 Berlin Games. Gerstring gained the record at the age of 13 years and 268 days.

Skaters each have two 45-second runs on the skateboard and five shots at a one-off trick. The reasonable four scores of them out of seven forms up to the total final.

Skateboarding is one of the four athletics earning their debut in the Tokyo Games besides surfing, sport climbing and Karate are the sports that are part of a trial for bringing the Olympics to the younger audiences.