LeBron James creates NBA history

LeBron becomes the first player in NBA history to have 10000 points, 10000 assists, and 10000 rebounds in his career.

LeBron James created NBA history once again. The King became the first player to record 10000+ points, 10000+ assists, and 10000+ rebounds in his career. The feat came in a horrible, blowout loss against the Phoenix Suns where he scored 31 points. While he had a good scoring night, it was his 7 assists that were more significant as he accomplished the historic feat.

LeBron was just 2 assists shy of having 10000 assists. He had the opportunity to accomplish the feat in his amazing 50 game performance against the Washington Wizards. It was obvious that he would cross 10000 assists this game with only 2 needed to cross the mark. The accomplishment was not celebrated enough because of how the Lakers lost to the Suns.


The Suns without Chris Paul came out and beat the Lakers up. The deep Suns’ roster, especially at the Center position, exploited the Lakers’ lack of size and outrebounded them 51 to 37. The Lakers were also very careless with the ball and had 19 turnovers. Despite LeBron’s good game the gap was too much to overcome and the Lakers ended up losing 140-111.

The Lakers have found themselves in a precarious position after the loss and might not even make the Play-In game if they lose many more games. They have struggled all season and can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel. The only positive for the Lakers at this point is the greatness that LeBron James is putting on display at age 37.

LeBron is currently the leading scorer in the league averaging 29.7 points. He is also set to make history in the next 3-4 games as well as he inches closer and closer to Karl Malone’s scoring record. With the 31 point performance, LeBron is just 104 points away from Malone’s record and will pass him up very soon. He aims to catch Kareem Abdul Jabbar in scoring but that might have to wait till next season.