Formula 1 four-time champion Sebastian Vettel to not race at Russian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel speaks his mind on the Russian Grand Prix ahead of the invasion in Ukraine, becoming the first driver on the grid to boycott the race.

The four-time World Drivers’ winning German racing driver has spoken his mind about the race to be held at Sochi following the Russian invasion.

Sebastian Vettel said that he won’t race in the Russian Grand Prix this season in an interview with Sky Sports along with Charles Leclerc, who has urged F1 to take a decision and have more information on the matter and the 2021 Dutch Championship Winner, Max Verstappen, adding to the number of drivers who are disappointed to race in a country at war.


He says his decision on a personal basis has been made and that he would not go as it is wrong to race in that country. He also added that he is sorry for the innocent people who are losing their lives, getting killed for stupid reasons and a very strange and mad leadership. He strongly condemns the race taking place in Russia and stated that he would boycott it if the race so happens.

Vettel is also a GPDA director who has been an avid supporter and activist on social matters such as LGBTQ+ and human rights matters in recent years. Although the GPDA has not come together to discuss this matter right now, the 34-year-old is sure about his stance in light of the situation.

It has been reported that the Champions League final would take place at an alternate venue as St. Petersburg is stripped of the potential host position and has thus put pressure on F1 to make decisions ahead of the crisis who are reportedly ‘monitoring the situation closely.