F1: Brake cooling issues halt Rusell’s Canadian Grand Prix progress

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has shed light on the circumstances leading to George Russell’s retirement from the Canadian Grand Prix, revealing the underlying reason behind the unfortunate turn of events for the British driver.

Despite a promising recovery from a crash on lap 13, Russell found himself in a position to score points during the race. However, towards the latter stages, he received the disappointing instruction to retire his W14.


The incident occurred when Russell lost control of his car after running wide at Turn 8, resulting in a collision with the wall. This collision caused damage to the right rear and front wing of his vehicle.

Despite the setback, Russell managed to make it back to the pits and resumed the race. Through strategic maneuvers, he climbed his way up to eighth place, showcasing his resilience on the track. However, it was ultimately brake cooling issues that sealed his fate and forced him to retire from the race prematurely.