F1: Ocon’s Bold Radio Message to Hulkenberg: A Tactical Move for Points

In the midst of the Mexico City Grand Prix, Esteban Ocon surprised everyone with a radio message intended for rival Nico Hulkenberg. Ocon, fighting for P10, warned Haas, saying, “You can say to Haas that I’m going to go for it, so they better be ready.” This unique move was Ocon’s attempt to secure space for his maneuver, emphasizing the need for caution to avoid a collision.

Ocon’s race strategy unfolded uniquely. Starting on hard compound tires, he benefitted from the red flag, allowing him to switch to fresh medium tires during the stoppage. Despite encountering a resilient defense from Hulkenberg for 17 laps, Ocon eventually found his opportunity, passing the Haas driver.


After the race, Ocon clarified his message, stating it was more of a warning to Haas than a definitive plan to overtake. Hulkenberg responded humorously, questioning Ocon’s persistence.

Meanwhile, Ocon’s teammate, Pierre Gasly, faced unfortunate timing during the race. Running in ninth place before the stoppage, Gasly’s strategy was disrupted when he had to restart on worn hard tires. Although frustrated by the turn of events, Gasly acknowledged the uncontrollable nature of such incidents, emphasizing the team’s collective effort despite the challenges faced individually.