World Cup 2023: Afghanistan strikes first wicket against New Zealand

Mujeeb Ur Rahman shines bright in World Cup showdown

Afghanistan vs New Zealand World Cup 2023: Afghan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman made a significant impact. He skillfully bowled out the formidable Devon Conway with a perfect LBW decision, creating a moment that cricket enthusiasts will remember for years to come.

The tension in the air was palpable as Mujeeb, known for his crafty spin bowling, sent a quicker delivery down the pitch. The ball, aimed perfectly at the off stump, spun sharply and came in with the arm. Conway, the Kiwi batsman, misjudged the line, playing down the wrong trajectory and found himself struck on the pads. The appeal from the Afghan players was confident, their eyes glued to the umpire, Joel Wilson, who, to everyone’s surprise, ruled it in favor of the batsman.


However, the Afghani players’ confidence didn’t waver. In a move that showcased their strategic acumen, experienced cricketer Asghar Afghan, standing tall as the captain, decided to challenge the on-field decision. The tension heightened as the third umpire was called into action.

The giant screen displayed the crucial moment, and the replay clearly revealed what the naked eye missed – a distinct gap between bat and ball. The UltraEdge technology came into play, confirming the absence of any contact between the bat and the ball. The anticipation in the stadium soared as the ball tracking system was consulted. The verdict was in, and it was three reds – hitting leg stump. The decision was crystal clear: Devon Conway was out LBW, a decision that he too accepted gracefully, starting his walk back to the pavilion even before the official decision was declared.

Conway’s departure for a brisk 20 off 18 deliveries, including three boundaries, was a significant blow to the Kiwi side.