Will Sachin Tendulkar’s hundred be less valuable then? Piyush Chawla recalls argument with selector

Former India opener Aakash Chopra and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) spinner Piyush Chawla revealed about ‘bizarre’ responses from the selectors after being asked about the reasons for not getting selected in the Indian squad.

Former India batsman Aakash Chopra and spinner Piyush Chawla have revealed some ‘amusing’ responses from the selectors of Team Indian when asked about the reasons why they couldn’t make it to the national squad.

Piyush Chawla, who last represented India in December 2012, said that a selector once told him that he couldn’t make it to the Indian squad because wickets taken by him in domestic cricket were mostly on googly. The 31-year-old was quick to respond and used Sachin Tendulkar’s iconic straight-drive as an example to prove that the point made by the selector was bizarre.


Piyush Chawla asked will Sachin Tendulkar’s hundred be less valuable if he scores majority of his runs by playing straight drives?

“I also talked to a selector and he told me that ‘You take a lot of wickets on googly’. You know me since childhood and you know that I speak what I feel and don’t keep anything in my heart. This trait of mine is not like also by everyone. I just asked him ‘If Sachin Tendulkar plays the straight-drive perfectly and if he scored 60 out of his 100 runs using straight drives, then will his 100 have no value’. I think thank he got offended after this reply. At the end of the day wicket is wicket,” Piyush Chawla, who got picked by Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in 2020 IPL auction, said.

Cricketer-turned-commentator Aakash Chopra also recalled an incident when the selector snubbed him and his “quality” of runs were not good. Chopra was baffled by the response and asked about the “company” of runs he should score.

“Once I called a selector and told him ‘Sir you haven’t picked me even after I have scored so many runs’. He said the quality of your runs are not good. I asked him runs of which come should I score then? Runs in first-class cricket are runs anyways. I said next time I would runs of Chinese and Japanese companies,” Aakash Chopra told during the conversation.

Aakash Chopra represented India in 10 Test matches from 2003-2004, while Piyush Chawla has played 3 Tests, 25 ODIs and 7 T20Is for India. Both, Aakash Chopra and Piyush Chawla have played over 130 first-class games in their careers.