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VVS Laxman reveals Harbhajan Singh’s witty response when asked for his preferred jersey number


VVS Laxman talked about Harbhajan Singh’s hilarious response when the Indian team manager asked his preferred jersey number.

The Indian team went on a three-Test tour to Australia in 1999-2000. After which a triangular series between India, Pakistan and the hosts were held.

In a discussion on Star Sports, VVS Laxman revealed that Harbajan Singh asked the flight number to be written behind his jersey when the manager asked for his choice.


“I still remember the first tour to Australia in 1999. The last Test was in progress in Sydney and after that, the ODIs were supposed to start. Our manager, Bhargav Sir from Madhya Pradesh, was asking everyone which number they want behind their T-shirt. And when he came to Bhajji and asked what number he wanted, Bhajji replied to write the Air India flight number,” said Laxman.

Responding to this, Harbhajan said that he was aware that he will return home soon and thought of getting a jersey that he could wear on the flight back.

“My thank you was done by then and I knew I am going back. So I said that A1777 or something like that will be the number of the Air India flight, so let me get that written on the T-shirt and I can wear that T-shirt during the journey home,” said Singh.


Laxman, while acknowledging the tough tour, he mentioned that it was a good learning experience that held them in good stead going forward.

“It was a very difficult tour, every Test match was getting over in three days but we got to learn a lot from that. And when we went to Australia next in 2003-04, our performance was better. We made good use of that experience and were better prepared for those conditions,” observed the stylish batsman.

The Turbananator added on a lighter note that Laxman might have learnt a lot cricket-wise, but learning to make tea was his biggest earning from the trip.

“Definitely you learnt a lot on that tour because that was the first tour for all of us. You have talked a lot about cricket but I learnt making tea there because I did not play a single match on that tour, neither any Test nor an ODI. But I learnt to make tea very well. Even when I came home, they asked me to make tea,” joked Harbhajan Singh.

Harbhajan did not play a single match on the tour, Laxman rose to prominence with a 167-run knock in the second innings of the Sydney Test.