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Top 5 Leg Spinners of India

Here is the list of the 5 greatest leg spinners which Indian Soil has ever produced.

India is a land where the brain has overpowered physical strength. A rich history of spin bowling might be a reflection of that belief. Hot and humid climatic conditions of the Asian subcontinent have given an edge to the spinners over the quick gun fast bowlers.

Scanning through the history of Indian cricket we have found a number of spinners who can be on the top 5 list but here are the most talented and gifted spin bowlers who have done a great deal to accelerate the popularity of cricket and impact of cricket betting in India in the past century.

5. Narendra Deepchand Hirwani
A player with a headband Narendra Hirwani made a record-breaking debut against the West Indies side in the year 1988 when the West Indies toured India he took 16 wickets on a turner on the Wankhede which is located in Mumbai on his debut he added another 20 wickets in the next three white red-ball cricket he was set for a very bright future and he was very calm and composed by bowling the face and a girly of his bowling but she displayed in his debut series were never seen before in the subcontinent wicket which helps the spinners a lot was a boon for him he last played a test in 1966 into Indian jersey is busy shooting opposition on a helpful Indian which is he took66 wickets in 17 test matches which he played in.


4. laxman Sivaramakrishann

A thin Anil lanky guy from Chennai Laxman Sawar Sivaramakrishnan seemed destined to witness 20 to 12 wickets for 188 in Bombay in the series which was played in 1984 and 85 against the Britishers he was awarded the man of the series for taking 23 wickets in the series the ball the famous bowler known as boy wizard turned a ball applicably and he had a classical leg-spin action for a bowler the 1980s was a decade for young talents going into the Indian cricket the wizard boy was also a prime example of that he followed up the England series by bowling beautifully in the world championship of cricket held in Australia is his rise was very rapid and unpredictable unprecedented for Indian space for an Indian spinner.


3. Subash Gupte

Subhash Gupte was a world-class legspinner who played for the Indian jersey in the 50s and some in the early 60s some would argue that he was perhaps the finest of the Lord Sir girlfriend so much later in about the great magician Sen one he was of a solid build turn the ball very accurately and very fast and was very good with his line and length of the leg-spin bowling his career took off during the Indian tour of West Indies in 19 5253 while bowling for the three bowling to the 3WS Gupta capture 27 wickets in the test on the tour on the W tour he was the best Indian bowler on the tour to find the distance in 19 5455 dominated the TV is also known as the New Zealand cricket in the following Home summer.


2. Bhagwat Chandrashekar
3. Long long slide frame full sleeve shirt Ina without right on Bhagwat Chandrasekhar bamboozle the batsman who was playing against him with a very fine leg-spin top spinners and some Google is a long jump Pranav was his trademark while bowling and also sending the red leather ball at a pace close to the date of medium pacer Chandrasekhar was perhaps the most lethal members of Indian fame spin quarter of in the 1970s Chandrashekhar grade of our came in the 1971 series against the England team when you run through the English side and bamboozle them with his leg spin and his bowling action his great weapon vs unpredictability is whether Triton sends down Manish mysteries to the batsmen which they couldn’t Fathom.


1. Anil Kumble

The legspinner who creates who created history in Indian cricket was Anil Kumble he had a good physique and high right arm action, in the early 1990s running through visiting sites which is a mix of topspin googly and clip as he was perhaps the greatest match-winner in India has ever produced he delivered the ball with a fish and a base instead of floating in the air Da the bowling at the bowling action who was the lanky and was coming through the arm was very brilliant and had the contribution in many Indian victories in the 1990s and early 2000s he ran through a formidable Pakistan line-up who had Firoz shop at fellow Shah Kotla Ground in New Delhi to capture all 10 wickets in an innings which he was one of them to achieve the feat He took staggering 619 wickets in 132 test matches is 244 wickets which came in the 43 winning causes at an average of 18 718.75 making Maggie the best greatest match winner with the ball for Indian cricket history.

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