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Ricky Ponting offers analysis of Cameron Green’s catch in ICC World Test Championship Final

Ricky Ponting, a former Australian cricketer has shared his insights on the controversial catch taken by Cameron Green that led to the dismissal of Shubman Gill during the crucial stages of the ICC World Test Championship Final on day four. Gill was given out by TV umpire Richard Kettleborough just before tea on the fourth day of the intense contest at The Oval, with India chasing a target of 444 for victory.

Pacer Scott Boland managed to find the edge of Gill’s bat, and Green, positioned in his favored gully spot, dove to his left to complete the catch. However, the cricketing world has since debated whether the Australia all-rounder had successfully secured his hands under the ball and maintained control.

Green immediately celebrated the exceptional catch with his teammates, and according to Ponting, the correct decision was made to send Gill on his way. Reflecting on the catch, Ponting stated, “When I saw it live, I knew it had carried to him on the full, but I wasn’t sure about the subsequent action based on the replays we have seen.”

Ponting believes that some part of the ball did touch the ground, but he emphasizes that the umpire’s interpretation is crucial. As long as the fielder has complete control of the ball before it hits the ground, the decision is considered out. Ponting adds, “That must have been what the umpires’ interpretation was, and I think that is exactly what happened. The ball carried probably six or eight inches off the ground, and then there was another action after that.”

The former cricketer anticipates extensive discussions surrounding the catch, with differing opinions likely to emerge. Ponting suggests, “There will be a lot of talk about it, I am sure, and there will probably be more talk in India than in Australia. Everyone in India will think it is not out, and everyone in Australia will think it is out.”

Kettleborough’s decision was influenced by recent changes in the rules regarding the soft signal made by on-field umpires, which has been eliminated from the game.

This Test match in south London is only the second match played under the new regulations that no longer require on-field umpires to provide their input. Ponting believes that this change would not have affected the decision made by the experienced official. He explains, “If it had been given out on the field, then I think the third umpire has to find conclusive evidence to overturn that decision, and I don’t think there would have been conclusive evidence.”