New Zealand Cricket alters its schedule over COVID-19 concerns

New Zealand cricket board made changes to their upcoming series schedule due to Covid-19 Concerns.

The New Zealand cricket team will play both of their test matches against South Africa in Christchurch in February, while an ODI international series against Australia will be held in Napier later this year in March. New Zealand Cricket board announced it on Thursday.

The changes made in the schedule are due to the ongoing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, reducing the travel hopefully will help to minimize the chances of an outbreak in the camp which may put the matches at a risk.


The ground in Wellington will suffer the most as it had been chosen as the venue for the 2nd Test between New Zealand and South Africa and also the first two ODIs between New Zealand and Australia.

There was another change in the schedule of New Zealand’s women’s white fern series against India which had 1 T20 match and 5 ODI matches which now will be played completely in Queenstown.

These risk-reduction steps are taken based on avoiding the COVID-19 hotspots, limiting air travel for the players and the staff, and operating in safer environments said New Zealand Cricket, chief executive (David white), as per Reuters report.

He added by saying the more domestic flights we have and more travel between hotels and stadiums will increase the chance of putting the matches and series at a risk.

Many Cricket boards are facing similar issues due to these COVID-19 outbreaks and have been forced to reschedule their yearly calendar.