Netizens slam team Australia over ‘Jonny Bairstow run-out controversy’

The Ashes clash witnessed a controversial run-out that ignited a spirited debate about the “spirit of cricket.” Mitchell Green’s delivery prompted Jonny Bairstow to leave the ball, but instead of staying in his crease, Bairstow casually walked towards his partner.

Alex Carey seized the opportunity and ran him out. The Australian team faced criticism from the Lord’s crowd, who booed them for their conduct. Stuart Broad seemed to confront the Australians, and tensions escalated when Usman Khawaja engaged in a heated exchange with a spectator. David Warner responded with a wry smile. The incident added further intensity to the match.

The controversial run-out incident has sparked anger among fans worldwide, with many netizens viewing it as a blatant violation of sportsmanship. Numerous former cricketers and experts have criticized the Australian team for their actions, expressing their disapproval of the incident –