Stephen Fleming praises Ajinkya Rahane’s impact in Chennai Super Kings’ IPL 2023 campaign

Ajinkya Rahane’s inclusion in the Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK) playing XI was not part of their initial plan, revealed CSK coach Stephen Fleming. However, Rahane’s outstanding performance in a crucial match in Mumbai turned the tables and cemented his place as the team’s No. 3 batsman.

Fleming acknowledged the significance of the match in Mumbai, describing it as one of CSK’s best wins in the tournament. Rahane played a pivotal role in that victory, which ultimately led to his selection as a permanent member of the playing XI.


“He wasn’t in our initial thoughts, but the game in Mumbai was really defining. It was one of our best wins in the tournament, and he was the big catalyst behind it, so he cemented that No. 3 spot,” Fleming said.

The CSK coach praised Rahane’s unwavering commitment and positivity throughout the season. Rahane’s performances in the nets were consistently impressive, and whenever he faced setbacks such as getting caught on the boundary or getting dismissed while playing an aggressive shot, the team management reinforced their belief in his abilities.

Fleming emphasized that Rahane’s success in the CSK team was a combination of self-belief and his exceptional cricketing skills. Rahane’s contributions have been vital to CSK’s campaign, and he has proven to be an invaluable player for the team this year.

With his consistent performances and ability to handle pressure, Rahane has become an integral part of the CSK batting lineup. His inclusion has brought stability and reliability to the top order, complementing the aggressive approach of the other batsmen in the team.

As the IPL 2023 season progressed, Rahane showcased his experience and class, making significant contributions in crucial moments. His ability to anchor the innings and play calculated shots has been a key factor in CSK’s success.

Rahane’s inclusion in the playing XI highlights the depth and balance of the CSK squad. The team management’s trust in his abilities has paid off, and Rahane has repaid that faith with consistent performances and a positive attitude.

As CSK clinched their fifth IPL title in the final against the Gujarat Titans, Rahane’s role was instrumental in guiding the team to victory. His presence at the crucial No. 3 position provided stability and laid a strong foundation for the CSK batters to build upon.

Ajinkya Rahane’s impact in the CSK campaign has been significant, and his contributions have earned him respect and admiration from teammates, coaching staff, and fans alike. His performances have proven that even when not part of the initial plans, players can seize opportunities and make a meaningful impact on the team’s success.